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Services & Pricing

Residential Designs, Incorporated
911 E. Pinecone Ct. - Spokane, WA. 99208-8240
(509) 466-6188 Phone & Fax

Rates and Fees At RDI, our fee is based off of the scope of the work and the complexity of the design. Many firms charge a flat rate per square foot to design and draw your plans. This can lead to a simple rectangular home costing the same as an ornate Victorian, based upon square footage.  

                              Call us at (509) 466-6188 for a free estimate.

Hourly Rate: $85.00
Custom Home Design: Hourly Rate; call for an estimate 
Additions & Remodels: Hourly Rate
Drafting: Hourly Rate
Consulting: Hourly Rate
Promotional Artwork and Renderings: Quote on a per job basis.

                      Call today for a FREE estimate!!! (509) 466-6188

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