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About RDI

 Residential Designs, Incorporated 

911 E. Pinecone Ct. - Spokane, WA 99208-8240 - (509) 466-6188 Phone & Fax 


Company History 

Residential Designs, Incorporated was founded in 1995 by Scott Diettert on the principle that accurate, high quality products and service are essential for long term survival in the marketplace. Since 1979, he has designed, drawn, and supervised the completion of over 1400 projects ranging from 600 to over 8000 square feet. The company specializes in residential projects including custom and spec home designing, stock plans, additions, and remodels. Past entries to Spokane's "Showcase of Homes" have netted them numerous awards including several "People's Choice Awards". In 1998, Homestore Plans, (then HomeStyles Publishing) unanimously voted to admit them into their Designers' Network. 


Scott Diettert is a Certified Professional Building Designer through the NCBDC (National Council of Building Designer Certification). He began designing homes while attending Montana State University, where his studies included many classes in architecture. In 1983 he earned an AAS degree in Architectural Technology from Spokane Community College. Upon completing college he was hired by a local architectural firm which specialized in residential designs. In 1987, the firm opened an office in Seattle, and he was put in charge of the Spokane office until resigning in 1995. Many of his designs are sold nationally through 12 different publishers including HomeStyles Publishing, Homestore Plans, Best Selling Home Plans, Garlinghouse, and Builder Magazine. 

Residential Designs, Inc. is a member of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD), and the National Council of Building Designer Certification (NCBDC). 

Why are Good Plans Important? 

Your home is most likely the biggest investment that you will ever make. An accurate, complete set of drawings can save you thousands of dollars on the construction cost of your new home. Changes in the field can be quite costly and alter the final outcome to the point that a portion of your new home may become useless to you. Quality home plans can benefit and protect you in many ways including: 

More Accurate Bids - The subcontractor's bid is based off of the materials provided to him. If the plans are incorrect or are lacking in content, the bid will be higher to cover the time and expense they will incur.

Additional Charges - The building department may require structural engineering if they have any concerns. In addition, the general contractor may ask to be compensated for beams or other items that are required but not shown on the plans.

Loss of Room Sizes Due to: 

- No room allowed to fur out stairway at foundation walls. 

- Stairways that don't allow headroom or otherwise do not meet building codes. 

- Making room for mechanical systems that were ignored or overlooked. 

- Omitted or incorrect dimensions on the floor plans or foundation plan.

Complete Redraw of Plans Due to: 

- House cannot be built on lot due to slope, height restrictions, or it does not fit within setbacks and easements. 

- Bids come in over budget. 

- Mistakes are too numerous to build from plans.

Oddly enough, spending a little more on your plans can often save you much more in the long run. You need to be careful when choosing an architect or designer, after all it is to your advantage that you find a qualified professional to design and draw your plans. 

Why Choose Residential Designs, Incorporated? 

Experience & Qualifications – Over 35 years and more than 1400 projects. 

Quality & Accuracy - Computer generated drawings along with our attention to every detail including the structural system, heating, and plumbing results in plans that are accurate and easy to read. 

Knowledge & Resources - Our time spent researching new products and materials and our use of cost effective construction techniques will eliminate problems in the field and save you time and money. 

Service & Ability - We take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns. The drawings are completed on time by qualified individuals and double-checked prior to leaving our office. 

Reputation & Pride - We have an excellent reputation and we make sure that the job is done right. 

Diversity & Creativity - Exciting, functional floor plans blended with attractive exteriors lead the way to successful projects. Designing plans for the national market exposes us to numerous styles and experiences not achieved locally. 

Price - Our fees are based off of the scope of work and the complexity of each individual project. This allows us to spend the time needed to properly complete your plans. We can potentially save you far more than our fee due to our knowledge of construction practices and the accuracy of our plans.

How to Choose a Designer 

The best way to find out about a potential designer for your project is to meet with them and ask a lot of questions. The first questions you ask should be that of quality rather than price. Be sure that they provide a list of references and follow up by making phone calls. Some questions you might ask of the designer are: 

- What is the extent of their education, training, and experience? 

- Are the drawings reviewed by the designer after completion by a draftsman? 

- How many projects have they completed? 

- Is a site visit included in the fee? 

- Is a site visit necessary? (Beware of those who say it is not.) 

- Would they provide you with a list of references? 

- What level of service do they provide? 

- What is their time frame to start and complete the project? 

- Have they had any problems with any projects and how have they resolved them? 

- Ask to look at a completed set of drawings and have them explain them to you. 

- Come up with specific questions about the style of home that you are wanting. 

- Have them show you examples of projects that might be similar to what you are wanting. 

Questions that you might ask builder references: 

- Have there ever been any problems structurally or mechanically with their plans? 

- Have you had to make changes to their plans due to errors in the drawings? 

- Have you needed a structural engineer to satisfy the building inspector due to their plans? 

- Were all of the structural members sized and shown on their drawings? 

- Do the stairways fit, allow headroom, and comply with building codes? 

- What other designer would they recommend and why? 

- Did the plans provide enough detail in special areas such as plant ledges and vaulted ceilings 

to eliminate confusion between the client and the builder? 

Choosing an architect or designer is an important and difficult decision. Whether or not you choose Residential Designs, Inc., we do feel you should make an informed decision so that you will have a pleasant and successful project. 

Scott Diettert CPBD -President 

Why Are Good Plans Important
Why Choose RDI
How to Choose a Designer



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Residential Designs Incorporated

 911 E. Pinecone Ct.
 Spokane, WA 99208-8240  
(509) 466-6188 Phone & Fax 


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